Ponderosa RMT strives to provide comprehensive treatments that attain the best possible outcomes for clients.

Our core values include:

  • Listening to the needs of each client

  • Using accurate assessment as the foundation of each treatment

  • Providing appropriate treatment techniques for the best outcomes

  • Empowering clients with education and tools to sustain positive results

  • Honoring a holistic approach (big picture/whole person)

  • Providing resources & referring to other health care professionals when indicated

Initial Consultation & RMT Treatment

Includes health history, assessment, treatment, education and administration.

Duration: 60 minutes
Fee: $105 (Includes GST)

Duration: 75 minutes
Fee: $127 (Includes GST)

Subsequent RMT Treatment

Includes assessment, treatment, education and administration.

Duration: 60 minutes
Fee: $105 (Includes GST)

Duration: 75 minutes
Fee: $127 (Includes GST)

Duration: 90 minutes
Fee: $150 (Includes GST)

Prices follow the recommended fee schedule set by the Registered Massage Therapists’ Association of BC (RMTBC).

Extended Health Direct Debit

Ponderosa RMT has claims accounts that allow for direct debit to most extended health care insurers on your behalf. Clients are responsible for paying for the balance of the treatment (if applicable) upon claim submission.

If your medical benefits plan is with one of the following insurers we can attempt to bill them at the time of treatment:

  • Pacific Blue Cross

  • Green Shield Canada

  • Group Source

  • Group Health

  • Great West Life

  • Equitable Life

  • Sun Life

  • Chamber of Commerce

  • Claim Secure

  • Cowan


  • IA Financial Group

  • Johnson

  • Johnston Group

  • Manion

  • Maximum Benefit

  • Desjardins

  • RCMP

  • VAT (Veteran Affairs Canada)

  • Manulife

    (The Copper Mountain Mine benefits plan currently requires employees to pay upfront and submit receipts for reimbursement.)



Should you have an open ICBC or WCB claim and you receive a treatment at Ponderosa RMT, you will be charged the full cost of the appointment and a receipt will be issued for you to submit to ICBC or WCB for reimbursement. Please note that you need to make arrangements for reimbursement in advance of receiving treatment as Ponderosa RMT does not work directly with ICBC or WCB.


In British Columbia, regular MSP does not cover massage therapy.

For MSP beneficiaries receiving premium assistance, MSP contributes $23 per visit for a combined annual limit of 10 visits each calendar year for the following services: acupuncture, chiropractic, massage therapy, naturopathy, physical therapy and non-surgical podiatry. More information on this can be found by clicking here.

Should you be on be on premium assistance when you are treated by a RMT registered with MSP, you will be charged the full price at the time of the treatment and a receipt will be issued to you that you may submit to MSP for a credit of $23.  You can file your reimbursement submissions online or print out paper forms to mail in to MSP here.



  • initial patients arrive 10 minutes early to fill out the health history form

  • bring your extended health card so that we may attempt to Direct Debit your extended health company on your behalf

  • bring running shorts for concerns re: low back, hips, legs

  • give 24 hours cancellation notice

  • reschedule your appointment if you have any flu or cold symptoms